Nothing but the rain.

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Round two: Mary McDonnell

Bathroom sex:


Shower sex:

really slow sexy kissing:

Ha sido un placer… mucho gusto haberos conocido *muere*


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Mary Eileen McDonnell

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We don’t strike deals with terrorists. We can’t. We give them Sharon Valerii, we’re inviting terrorism and we weaken our position permanently, you know that. Gentlemen, everyone in that room is someone’s son, someone’s wife, someone’s mother. Billy is the closest thing that I have to family left in this world. And if you don’t think that that confuses things emotionally for me— let’s not be naive.

Billy :’(

tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
oh and I rush to the start
running in circles, chasing our tails
coming back as we are

nobody said it was easy
oh it’s such a shame for us to part
nobody said it was easy
no one ever said it would be so hard
oh, take me back to the start